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OCEAN design research

OCEAN is an international, interdisciplinary and independent research network that conducts research by design in the intersection between architecture, urban, regional and landscape design, industrial and product design, computational science, biology, music, engineering, climatology and other disciplines and fields of inquiry

The mission of the network is to initiate, develop, promote and host collaboration in research by design with the aim to improve the current built environment and anthropobiosphere, by means of delivering new paradigms to the design of a human environment that is post-conflict, heterogeneous, stimulating, performative, context-specific, and socially and environmentally sustainable. The OCEAN network was founded in 1994 and registered in Norway as a not-for-profit organisation in 2008.


Dr. Natasha Barrett

Prof. Guillem Baraut

Dr. Richard Bonser

Christina Doumpioti

Professor Dr. Michael U. Hensel

Dr. Pavel Hladik

Joakim Hoen

Dr. Andrew Morrison

Professor Dr. Birger Sevaldson

Søren S. Sørensen

Defne Sunguroğlu Hensel

Jeffrey P. Turko

Honorary Members:

Mark Burry

Dr. George Jeronimidis

Dr. Harold G. Nelson